Glorious Masterpiece


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Learn from life

By: Fazeel


Life is a teacher which teaches us to live. We may have felt many times in our life that life only favors rich, strong and bright people only, but that is very wrong in my opinion. If we deeply see the reasons for every little thing that happens in our life we may find so many clues of hidden favors for us, favors that awaiting to help us. Allah never wants us to fail instead Allah wanted us to learn, grow and win in our life by learning from every single little thing that happens in our life. When we first tried to walk we fell several times but we stood up and kept trying until we succeed in doing it. That is how our life is. We may fail several times but it is the strength and faith that we need to stand up and move on with our life. In the journey of our life we may have to travel in the roads full of thorns. Pain and wounds may weak us from going ahead but some day in our life we will come to realize that pain is worth to be felt. Looking back and seeing your life different from yesterday is not a time to sit back and regret but a moment to start learning. As in a saying “As we sail through life, don’t avoid storms and rough waters, just let it pass. Just sail always remember, Calm seas never make skillful sailors.”


We need to learn things not only from our own life but also from the things that we see. We need to learn from the genius creation of Allah. What does the animals in the jungle teaches us? When land in a jungle get dried. Animals live there start their journey in search of a grass land, In the heat of the sun in the devastating Storms and by crossing the river full of life threatening carnivals. Why do they risk their life? Not because they want to die but because they know the heaven lying other side of the river. They never wanted to stay back and die without a food instead they risk their life. At the end when the grass land comes to their view it is the moment their heart fill with relief and peace.


Life is up to us to make it sweet or sour. We need to add flavors and balance the taste so than only we can feel the real taste of it. Sometimes to catch the dreams we keep running behind it for a long time, some people give up at some point while others keep running and others enjoy it. It’s true we need not to give up on things but we need to let go things that which are not really mean for us. Wasting our time on things that never ease us will cheat us one day and leave us restlessly in grief. So it would be better to swim for the thing that has a value. Time is most important in life. Time may go in a glimpse of an eye, before time fail us we need to run along with time by hearing beat of each and every second of it and responding to it with our heart and mind.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This is one of my newly created 2D Animation. Below I have uploaded only the trailer of the movie.

Animation is a field I am very interested in and like to do more studies in the field. To do this animation I did self studies and created it based on my idea. Hope u would like the trailer. Full movie would be published after completion of final touches.

Now I am learning 3D animation and hope to publish an animation /characters in near future.

Crescent art is name given for my art and animation. Crescent art & design web site is in stage of design, I am trying to make it available as soon as possible.

My special thanks goes to my younger sister Athu for daubing voice for some of the parts of the cartoon.

The story Inspiration quotes are taken from Author Bob Brady.
Animation and the Trailer is created by using Macro media Flash.

Note: This trailer is uploaded in low quality

Friday, May 29, 2009

Story of the fairy fallen from the sky
(By Faxeal)

Night was beautiful, Sky was plentiful
I was walking under the sparkling moonlight
Just to make a rest I took a seat under a shed
Beautiful breeze kept a breathtaking scent in the air
I kept a long gaze at the dark blue sea.
Sea was lit by the moonlight with twinkling water rays
Pure darkness was behind me surrounded with tall trees
Seagulls kept flying by obscuring the moon
I spent few minutes watching the millions of stars in the sky
Suddenly I saw a brighter star coming closer to the earth
It came closer and closer to the earth and started to land on earth
It landed few foots from me into the white sand beach
It was so bright and sparkled that I was forced to cover my eyes
It was a fairy fallen from the sky
She was wearing a white long dress which glowed like a moon
Two wings of her were glittered with thousands of colors
Her Soft brown hair kept spreading in the air with the wind
Her eyes sparkled like a diamond which made everything on earth shy away.
Her shining red lips kept whispering vocals.
I couldn’t believe my eyes; I kept looking at her without a blink.
She gave me a smiling gaze and from that moment the story begins.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Importance of Time

(By: Fazeel)

Time may sink away like a drowning boat

Happiness may travel away and give us sorrow

Life may buried away in the grave of horror

Careless love may lead us to a road of narrow

Time, Happiness, Life, Love cannot be borrowed

Let us act soon before time takes us away to swallow