Glorious Masterpiece


Saturday, February 28, 2009

One day I will show you my world

(By: Fazeel)

One day I will show you my world

I will fly in the space by holding you tight

And take you to the brightest stars in the sky

I will bring you the sands from mars

Together we will dance in the moon

I will take you to the heavenly world in the sky

There we will walk in the gardens of roses

And build our house in the grass of gold

And together we will live for eternity

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new star has born

(By: Fazeel)

The beauty of the day lighted with the heating sun

I woke up and waited for some fun

The news I heard was much more than fun

My elder brother became a father of a son

My heart filled with happiness of ton

I whispered myself, a new star has born

And lighted the house with the glowing son

Monday, February 09, 2009

The story of the heart

The story of the heart is of just two words
Either love or youth

Don't ask the meaning of the matters of the heart
Don't ask any thing more from me now
The world is crazy about whom
Either love or youth

What is this boatman singing
He is also remembering some one
The stories are old, the memories are old
Either love or youth

The days of this life are so few
How much happiness is there and how much sorrow
Come embrace / hug me, the weather is pleasant
Either love or youth

* * * ** * * *
(This is the translation of the Hindi Song Dho lafzon ki Hai Dil Ki kahani)