Glorious Masterpiece


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

(By: Fazeel)
On 5th November 2006 we went on a one day trip to Kandy
Our first walk was to a garden safe from sandy
It’s Peradeniya Garden, smiling frankly!
Green and beauty of the world was rich in there
Nicely planted trees and wisely constructed roads
We jump back and forth to see every sight at once
Some stood in pauses to take photos
While others gazing around
Bats and birds laughing at us
Selfish for the freedom they have got
Proud of the beautiful world they have got
We saw lots of Beautiful Flowers and water fountains
Variety of trees showing the history of the garden
And Coconuts trees hiding the mystery of patch
Orchid flowers full of beauty
Seems like they are the glories
Pleasant Fragments from the flowers
And the dancing fishes in the ponds kept us fooling around
We wrote our name on the trees
Leaving a mark for history
After 2 hours of walk around the garden
Time came for us to say good bye
We left all our foot prints behind
And started our next journey to reach a mountain temple
I had climbed mountains before
But this climb was different, we climb on foot
Step by step, road by road
We walk round around the mountain
Sun kept watching us up above
Gave us all the heat it can give to end our mission
But our water bottles helped us in each thirst
It was fun, it was hard
But our spirit never gave up
Sight was so beautiful
Every time when we stop for rest
Photo session starts
Roads were narrow but nicely paved
Sometimes we had to walk bit by bit
Sometimes in a row
After one and half hour of walk
We reached the top of the mountain
Where the temple was situated
Place was nice and our destiny was in our fist
We looked around that place for a while
And took some photos at sights
I looked up into sky
I saw silver clouds gathering slowly
We knew it was a trick to rune our trip
So we hurried to reach bottom
After one hour of pain walk
we made it to our bus
While we were having our lunch
First rain drop hit on the ground
At last we were saved from the rain
And we headed to our home safe in the bus