Glorious Masterpiece


Friday, May 29, 2009

Story of the fairy fallen from the sky
(By Faxeal)

Night was beautiful, Sky was plentiful
I was walking under the sparkling moonlight
Just to make a rest I took a seat under a shed
Beautiful breeze kept a breathtaking scent in the air
I kept a long gaze at the dark blue sea.
Sea was lit by the moonlight with twinkling water rays
Pure darkness was behind me surrounded with tall trees
Seagulls kept flying by obscuring the moon
I spent few minutes watching the millions of stars in the sky
Suddenly I saw a brighter star coming closer to the earth
It came closer and closer to the earth and started to land on earth
It landed few foots from me into the white sand beach
It was so bright and sparkled that I was forced to cover my eyes
It was a fairy fallen from the sky
She was wearing a white long dress which glowed like a moon
Two wings of her were glittered with thousands of colors
Her Soft brown hair kept spreading in the air with the wind
Her eyes sparkled like a diamond which made everything on earth shy away.
Her shining red lips kept whispering vocals.
I couldn’t believe my eyes; I kept looking at her without a blink.
She gave me a smiling gaze and from that moment the story begins.