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Monday, July 30, 2007

Facebook users open to cyberattacks, ID theft?

As Facebook evolves from a university social network into an enterprise tool, VeriSign iDefense security experts are warning that the platform is turning into a prime attack vector for cybercriminals.

Ryan Olson, a United States-based analyst for VeriSign's iDefense operations against the proliferation of malicious code, said that while thousands of
applications being developed by third parties for Facebook users are enriching the social network's functionality, the Facebook Platform provides a perfect channel for distributing malicious software.

"The potential is there, and the framework is there," Olson said.

"Rather than putting it in our terms of service that you promise not to breach our security and putting the onus on us, we are just going to open it up slowly over time,"
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in June.

"You use such developer applications at your own risk," Facebook states on its privacy statement. - --

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Trip to leisure world
28 June 2007 was one of a remarkable outing we made this year. Since last year trip to havens in Sri Lanka this year again we planed a trip to one of the amazing place in Sri Lanka. This time was not a sight seen but it was a trip to a land full of excitement. Yes I am talking about a Theme park (leisure world). It’s a cool place to go and have fun.

Lots of Water activities was there like: Thunder Cruise, wave pool, Lazy River, Crazy cruise, Lake Rides with Paddle Boats and many more. A tropical Rain Forest with around 50 species that are available at Sinharaja Rain Forest are planted and grown.

Lots of food courts were also there but when the time came choosing a meal we got stuck. After few minutes of visits from one food court to another we manage to take a fried rice meal. We had our lunch outdoor under the shed provided by the food court. 5:00 o’ clock in the evening we went back home after having a cheerful excitement. It was really fun.