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Sunday, August 12, 2007

My life in Sri Lanka
Some Inspiring Lines

I started my journey few years back, in search of my destination. Knowing that rough seas ahead, but hoping to sail my boat on a safe harbor.

The first step I took on deciding to come Sri Lanka has been one of my wisest Decision ever made. If I did step back that day instead of coming here I could have not achieve even this little knowledge, experience, nice people and cool friends I got encountered.

Here I have met with different people, experienced different things out of that I am so happy that I have got a chance to make good friends out from a strange country. They came to my life and I met them just for a reason. Some way somehow I needed help from them, even they ask help from me. I am thankful for god filling my days with Sweet fragrance of flowers instead of leaving me alone in this country.

Every single person I met from here is so special for me, one way or the other. They showed there world, a new world. They gave me a chance to be with them a chance for me to learn new things adding new experiences to my life.

Living abroad away from parents and loved ones are the painful moments that I count in my life. But I kept my strength strong. I always can feel there hands on my hands.

This little knowledge, experience friends and people are just because of them, their support. I will not forget a single little thing I got from my parents and from my family. They came to be my compass on the way of my journey to show me the way. And god help me surviving every stormed I came across.

Being in Sri Lanka I faced not only with good experiences. But also experienced a small fragment of horrors of war. Sri Lanka is under a revenge war between Tamils and Sinhalese, Fighting for land. This was started two decades ago. Until now they are still on their fight.

Lots of bomb blast took place in the city and near by cities. Even the bomb blast took place near by my institute; even on the roads where I travel to go to the institute. Heavy gun fires and military jets took their mission in front of my eyes. It was more than a nightmare. But I kept my fear apart. Just because I always can feel god is with me, with us.

I got the chance to be in a country under war for more than two decades, met with new people with different attitudes. Been with them and heard there life songs. When the day comes for me to leave this beautiful country, after my studies will be the one of the hardest day in my life. I will be missing my friends, and people I met from here. I will not forget every single minute I spent here. It will stay as a milestone in my life.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Traveling by bus

Ever since I came to Sri Lanka I have used bus for very few times. Instead of using bus I always use three-wheeler as medium for transport, we have a hired three-wheeler who is paid monthly so I never use to travel by bus to go anywhere regularly.

Here I am going to share with you a day that I traveled by a bus. I have used bus 4 or 5 times but I don’t have that much skill to follow the steps while using bus. Now you might be thinking that is traveling by bus is a sophisticated one? I have to say “No”. Only thing is to get into right bus and get out for the right place. Also there are things we have to be cautious about. When bus is traveling and if you try to jump on to the bus you have to be very careful about your steps. If you miss the stairs on the bus something serious might happen.

I never Use to jump on to a bus when it is on its move. But I did Jump out when it was on speed. That’s the funny part. And it happened by an accident.

That day I went with two of my Sri Lankan and a Maldivian friend on our way to a shop in Dhehivalla (A district in Sri Lanka). It took around 30 minutes to Dhehiwalla by bus. We were waiting for the Dhehiwalla bus stop.

When the bus stop came to our sight people who are supposed to get out to Dehiwalla bus stop started creating a crowed near the bus door. One of them was me.

Bus was not on its high speed but it was slowing down to stop to one of the Dhehiwalla bus stop. While some of the men already jumped out. I never used to jump out when bus is moving. So I waited for a while for bus to become for a halt. When I knew Bus was on a halt, but all of a sudden when I made my choice of jumping. Bus took a little speed forward. I was shocked when I saw the moving ground and me in the air. Eeheeheh.

When my foot hit on the ground I knew that I was out of my balance. But Luckily I was able to controlle my balance instead of falling to the concrete ground. I took that jump because I thought bus was on a halt. Friends of mine came laughing at me. They knew that I am new to bus. So they didn’t make much joke about what happened.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Shock as Mississippi bridge falls

Seven people died after an entire span of the I-35W motorway bridge in the city of Minneapolis plunged into the river on Wednesday evening.

A local journalist told the BBC how cars tumbled into the river after the bridge "just snapped right in half".

Andy Schwich, 29, told Reuters: "I saw them carrying up a body - I don't know if he was alive or dead."

Melissa Hughes, 32, whose car was on the bridge, told the Associated Press news agency: "You know that free fall feeling? I felt that twice."

Another motorist, Jamie Winegar, told the agency she heard "boom, boom, boom and we were just dropping, dropping, dropping". Read more