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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Worth Reading

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A dream
(A short Imaginary Story)

In Ali’s dream he was walking alone down the roads .On one road he cross he found lots of people. Laughing and enjoying their life. And from the second road he cross he saw lots of people again .But they were not laughing they were crying in pain .Wiping the tears purred from his eyes he started to walk again. After few minutes of walk he saw a bridge, a bridge to a land full of darkness .He doesn’t know what’s beyond that bridge; he thought he’ll pass no matter what happens. he cross the bridge and found a land full of trees and flowers of different fragrances .He started to walk again with a smile on his face .All of a sudden whole place turned into a desert where no lives were there expect him .Ali walked days in the desert searching for a life.

He fell lots of time but tried to make his strength .All of a sudden he saw a well he quickly went and drank some water .While he was drinking water from the bucket .he saw a shadow coming towards him. He Looked behind and saw a man looking right at him .He asked him: "Hey Boy Why Are you so worried" .And he replied "I am lost" .And the man said: Follow me then I'll guide you and soon you can find a way out of here .And he followed Him .While Ali kept following him he felt much better .Sometimes Ali loose him from his site .But soon Ali follow Him It feels better .And Ali kept following the man. Ali woke up from the dream and whispered in grief “You are the only hope left for me.” [END]

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Surprise Birth Day Party

I don’t know where to start coz it’s really awkward. I really was surprised for the unexpected birthday party thrown for me. It was well arranged that I couldn’t even get a clue about the party arrangements.

I and my friends planed to go watch the Iron man movie long day back but we couldn’t get spare time to go and watch the movie. But after few days later my friends made a sudden arrangement to go to the movie on 14th may which came out to be my birthday. I thought I will not let my friends know about my birthday because if they knew they will first ask for the treat.. I wanted to give the treat to all of them but by the time my pocket money was totally zero for the month so I thought I’ll keep it as a secrete until I get money. But things came out to be opposite all my friends knew about my birthday week before and they kept me in dark pretending that they don’t know about it. Zando my friend is really a good actor. He never let me get any clue about the surprise party arrangements done by Ibu and afsal, by the involving him..

My friend Zando and my friends took me out to watch the movie so that Ibu (My own younger brother) and Afsal (My brother Best friend) could decorate home for the surprise party. After watching movie I came back home with my friend Zando and when I get into the house the house was ready to give me surprise party. I was really surprised when the time I saw the people and blue color decorations and flash light of the cams.. I was really confused about the way it all was arranged. Sitting room was decorated very nicely with blue color shining papers and dark and light blue color balloons. A very nice cake was made and neighboring children and my friends were also present at the party to surprise me. First I thought I am experiencing a dream. . hehhe. . That was the greatest and unforgettable surprise party I have ever had.. I thank a lot to ibu and afsal for the hard work they did to give me a surprise party. Especially for the decorations done. Truly it all means me a lot. I thank all who involved in giving me this surprise party. Was really an excellent one. I had a great day with all of them and my friends.