Glorious Masterpiece


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Here I have uploaded one of very cool animated video of crazy frog. Out of Crazy frog video's one I like most is "Axel F", that video is very cool one for me. I tried to uploload the "Axel F" to this site through blogger video player but unluckily it's file size was big and takes lots of time to upload to due to that reason I uploaded this Crazy frog popcorn video. In "Axel F" Some of the funny parts for me are when crazy frog sings "bam bam, ding ding" . Most of all the slow mortion part was really kool and funny, I like it.

Crazy Frog is an animated character used in the marketing of a ring tone based on The Annoying Thing, a computer animation created by Erik Wernquist. Marketed by the ringtone provider Jamba!, the animation was originally created to accompany a sound effect produced by Daniel Malmedahl while attempting to imitate the sound of a two-stroke moped engine.

The Crazy Frog spawned a worldwide hit single with a remix of "Axel F", which reached the number one spot in the UK, Japan, Turkey, New Zealand and most of Europe. The subsequent album Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits and second single "Popcorn" also enjoyed worldwide chart success, and a second album entitled Crazy Frog Presents More Crazy Hits was released in 2006. ---SOURCE: -----